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Letters to idols I-III Script, directing and editing : Manfred Hulverscheidt Camera: Antje Schäfer, Manfred Hulverscheidt Sound: Simin Mohammadi, Carl Hulverscheidt Commisisoning Editor: Christian Cloos, Das kleine Fernsehspiel/quantum Production: CONCEPT TV im Auftrag des ZDF/3SAT1998. Length: 12:00 mts. each.

Letters to idols I-III is the prototype of a short-film-series about fans and their acts of devotion. Within around 15 minutes they try to tell us something about the relationship of simple men and their super-men. What drives them to the idol, what signifies the idol for their own lifes and what was the effect of the idol on them?




Part 1: Frank Leimbach to Pablo Picasso.
Sa., 24.10.1998, 21:45 h on 3Sat.

From childhood on, Frank has been nourished by Picasso as a painting super-star. Frank tells the story of his permanent inspiration by his idol.




Part 2: Tanja Kopecky to Noel Gallagher.
Di., 27.10.1998, 21:45 h on 3Sat.

A case of devotion, totally screened on the media. Tanja uses her second-hand knowledge of Noel for the promotion of her own career as superstar.




Part 3: John Burgan to Chris Marker.
Do., 29.10.1998, 21:45 h on 3Sat.

A very special relationship, because neither Chris Marker accepts the role of an idol, nor John Burgan the role of a devote follower. But with "Sans soleil", the story of John as a filmmaker began.

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