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Manfred Hulverscheidt, born 1951 in Aachen, lives in Berlin for over 20 years as freelance author, photographer und filmmaker. From his 1983-88 study at the German Film- und Television Academy Berlin onwards he developed, realized and in most cases also produced many documentary films. They are about begging men, true europeans (1989, 1990), about gravitation and movement (Leichterdings, Vehicles), about the changes of warfare and battlefields (Battlefields, Marching Men), about masks and maskerade, but they also deal with cities and megacities (Cockaigne, Viva Megalopolis). Hulverscheidt in each case tries to find his typical poetic access to rather objective complexes. He holds lectures, photographs and tries to develop new themes for films by study, meeting and research. His films have been shown on 3SAT, arte, ZDF and countless festivals, his photographs published by Stadtbauwelt, Tumult, Kunstforum, Zitty, Tip and others. They have been exhibited in Vaals (NL), Paris and Vienna. During the exhibition "The future of Metropolis" (Berlin 1985) he was responsible for the film section. He acutally is finishing his new film "Electroman" which has been shown in spring 2002 on arte-channel.

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